Floor Parcel Box in Anthracite for Size S & L Packages w/ Middle Floor

  • €1,00000

With this anthracite parcel box, you can receive parcels and other shipments without being at home. Items that are larger than normal letters do not fit in most letterboxes. This is not the case with the parcel drop box, which has a special system for dropping packages. The upper flap is opened and the package placed on the middle floor. When the flap is closed, the middle floor opens, and the package falls into the lower area of the parcel box. As soon as the parcel is in the lower part of the box, the middle floor closes again, and another package can be placed in the box. To remove the items, unlock the lock in the lower segment of the parcel box and open the large lower flap. Now you can easily retrieve your shipments.

A total of 4 size S items measuring 25 x 17.6 x 10 cm and 1 size L package measuring 45 x 35 x 20 cm fit into the parcel box. With this stand-up mailbox, you save yourself the time of having to pick up parcels from postal centres or your neighbour. Instead, you have your own little parcel counter on your doorstep. Of course, normal, everyday letter items can also be accepted with the parcel box.

The elegant, modern design with its linear appearance harmonises with almost every style of living. The parcel drop box therefore fits perfectly into its surroundings. The precise manufacturing of the high-quality materials ensures that you will enjoy the parcel box for a long time to come. For a secure and stable mounting of the package postbox, it has pre-drilled holes in the base and on the rear.

Dimensions: Total size: 460 x 450 x 1400 mm
Maximum package size: 450 x 350 x 200 mm (WxHxD)
Removal lid: 380 x 750 x 420 mm (WxHxD)

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