Lawn Tractor Lifter Lift 400KG Jack Lifting Platform Device For Ride-On mowers

  • €11900

The ideal help for the care and maintenace of heavy ride-on mowers, small tractors and similar gardening accessories, quads & Co and universal lifting device for jacking up of small tractors.

Having a tilt angle of up to 35°, the blades and tyres can be easily replaced. The cleaning - even from the bottom - is no longer an energy-sapping problem. The lawn tractor jack is an indispensable help for the maintenance and cleaning of ride-on mowers and similar heavy equipment. You simply drive the vehicle to be maintained with the wheels onto the jack and with the help of the ball-bearing hand crank spindle, easily lift up the vehicle. The tilt angle is steplessly adjustable up to approximately 35°, thus providing for a safe position. As for fuel-powered vehicles, we recommend to have the vehicle lifted up on the side where the tank filler socket is located.
  • Maximum load: up to 400 kg
  • Folds away to save space
  • Stable and secure construction
  • For jacking lawn mowers, small tractors, quads, etc.
  • Tilt angle can be continuously adjusted to approx. 45°

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