Lawn roller 35x100cm for lawn tractor fillable with dirt wiper

  • €22900

Lawn rollers for lawn tractors are accessories you should not miss in a garden with large areas of lawn. Not only do they provide for an even lawn surface but also for the perfect ground upon the freshly dispersed seeds to the effect that the grass seed is supported in its growth. Moreover, they can be used after scarifying or fertilising the lawn and provide for a uniform surface without any physical effort.

The lawn roller has a working width of 100 cm and a diameter of 35 cm. It can be optionally filled on the side with water or sand; By this means, its weight fits perfectly to the respective ground and its conditions.

The integrated dirt wiper provides for a clean result of the rolling and can be adjusted on either side.

Dimensions 35 x 100 cm
Volume / Capacity 95 L

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