XPOtool Solar-Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet DIN 9-13, Black

  • €1,00000

Safety is the top priority in every welding workshop. The face and eyes in particular must be protected against harmful flash burns. The XPOtool auto darkening welding helmet is the ideal equipment and, unlike using a welding shield, you have both hands free to work.

On striking the arc, the large viewing area darkens automatically. The dark state of the lens is steplessly adjustable from DIN 9 to 13. The shade level must be selected according to the welding process, as each process produces different levels of brightness.

The auto darkening welding mask is suitable for most welding jobs (e.g., MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG etc.) except laser beam and oxy welding. The integrated filter offers reliable protection from UV and IR radiation, regardless of the chosen welding method.

Thanks to the adjustable sensitivity of the lens, the automatic welding helmet can be tuned for working in different ambient light levels. Thus, the auto darkening is not influenced by sunlight and other external light sources.

In addition, the automatic welding mask has a dark to light delay. This way, the lens brightens up with a delay after welding is finished. It prevents the eyes from possible afterglow damage.

When in grinding mode, the dark state can be switched off. This enables you to use the auto welding helmet as grinding visor, protecting the face against flying particles and sparks.

The power supply of the auto welding mask is ensured by high-quality solar cells.

The inside of the helmet is fully adjustable to suit all head sizes. Thanks to the lightweight, padded construction, the mask provides a high level of comfort. The helmet is manufactured from extremely stable and durable plastic that can withstand high thermal and mechanical stresses.

The XPOtool solar-powered auto darkening welding helmet is available in different designs.

Dimensions: Filter size: 110 x 90 x 9 mm
Viewing area: 92 x 42 mm

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