XPOtool Electric Lawn Scarifier and Aerator 1500W 2in1 Lawn Rake

  • €19900

With this electric 2in1 scarifier and aerator you can ensure a perfectly green and healthy lawn. The lawn aerator removes moss, thatch, leaves and other debris from the lawn and thereby improves its aeration. The grass debris is collected in the 30L collection box.

Compared to petrol-powered scarifiers, this 1500W electric lawn scarifier convinces with its low dead weight. It is equipped with a scarifying roller with 16 blades and an aerating roller with 20 spring tines. The scarifier has a working width of 320 mm and can be adjusted to 4 different cutting depths. You can choose between the following levels: -12 mm, -8 mm, -4 mm and +4 mm.

To allow the electric garden rake to be used even on uneven surfaces, it features 180 mm front wheels and 100 mm back wheels. The rubberised handle provides a comfortable and stable grip when pushing the scarifier forward. For even more comfort, there is also the option to adjust it to the desired height. In addition, the handle and the attached rods can be folded down when the scarifier needs to be stowed away.


Electric lawn scarifier and aerator 1500 W
• Scarifying roller with 16 blades
• Aerating roller with 20 spring tines
• 4 different working depths: -12/-8/-4/+4mm
• Collection bag 30 L


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