XPOtool Conical Downpipe Brush ⌀8-12cm 25cm Foliage Marten Protection

  • €1,00000

Are you being fed up with your down pipe being obstructed by leaves and branches collecting in it? Here comes our conical XPOtool downpipe brush that protects your downpipes against these accumulations. In fact, it is annoying, isn’t it, to see the rain water running over instead of running off through the downpipe and to notice malodours forming? Under these circumstances, this brush, having a diameter of 8 to 12 cm and a length of 25 cm, can be a way out. For this purpose, it is stuck into a rainwater pipe, preventing the accumulation of leaves and branches. The end, bent to form a hook, must point upwards and is used for removing the brush.

The brush can also be used against unwanted visitors. Martens and other small rodents planning to climb up or down through the pipe are held off by the brush installed at the upper end, prevented from coming out or entering at this spot, and forced to go back.

So, the conical rainwater pipe brush is a very useful tool for your house.

Dimensions: Diameter: 8–12 cm
Length: 25 cm

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