Wind energy converter 24V 500W 5 rotor blades vertical generator

  • €37900
  • Save €12000

This wind energy converter is a practical way to reduce the amount of your electricity bill. For the small system uses the wind to generate its own electricity, which has various advantages: On the one hand, wind is an almost unlimited resource that - in case of favourable weather - is available around the clock. On the other hand, it is a renewable energy source that is good for the environment. In addition, with wind energy you are a little more independent of the existing energy suppliers. The offered energy converter generates an output of up to 500 watts with an output voltage of 24 volts under ideal conditions, this is to say if the location conditions, wind speed and temperature are right, being therefore the perfect supplement to e. g. solar cells.

In order to benefit from wind energy, the energy converter requires a location that can be easily hit by the wind. This means that the energy converter should not be hidden behind hedges or other objects that intercept the wind. If wind hits the system, electricity generation can start. The system start-up speed is 2 m/s and the nominal speed is 11 m/s. The maximum speed at which the wind energy converter can still run safely is 45 m/s (162 km/h). Please note: The scope of delivery does not include a mast/mounting post.

The wind power station may be used to charge batteries without operating an additional control unit; that is to say that using additional charging devices is not necessary.


Shipping weight: 12.5 kg

• Wind energy converter 24 V
• 500 W (under ideal conditions)
• Nominal speed: 11 m/s
• 5 rotor blades made of nylon fibre
• Direct current



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