Weed Burner Killer Wand Butane Gas Blowtorch Garden Outdoor Weeds

  • €10,00000

Remove annoying weeds quickly and without hazardous chemicals or use the burner for de-icing, lighting or welding purposes.

Thanks to its power output of almost 2000 °C, the burner combats even the most stubborn weeds. The heat destroys the cell structure, causing the weeds to dry up within days.

The device is comfortable and flexible to use thanks to its 5-m-long cable, its total length of 85cm and the gas control valve. The latter enables to adjust the flame to suit your needs.

It is also supplied with a base for cooling down the burner after use as well as two fork spanners.

Important: For a safe connection with a standard gas cylinder a pressure regulator is required (not included in the delivery).

Dimensions: Gun total length: 850 mm
Nozzle size: 60 mm
Hose length: 5 m

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