Water Submersible Water Pump 750 W 12500 L/H Garden Pump Drainage Pump Submersible Pressure Pump

  • €8900
  • Save €5000

This submersible pump made of sturdy and durable plastic offers the optimal solution for promoting and draining dirty water.

With a power of 750 watts, the pump can promote up to 12500 litres of dirty water every hour. The immersion depth is maximum 7 metres, which allows water of up to 8 metres depth to be promoted. It is also suitable for foreign bodies up to 35 mm in diameter, so even stones and mud are not a problem for the pump.

Thanks to the universal connection, the pump can be connected to all standard hoses. In addition, its integrated carrying handle provides easy and mobile transport.

Technical data:

Maximum delivery height: 8 metres.
Maximum immersion depth: 7 metres.
Maximum flow rate: 12500 L/h
Maximum particle size: 35mm
Power: 750 watts
Mains connection: 230 V / 50 Hz
Speed: 2920 RPM



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