Traffic Mirror 60 cm Surveillance Mirror Security Mirror Panoramic Mirror Outdoor

  • €7900
  • Save €5000

With this outdoor traffic mirror in convex form, traffic safety can be increased in risky places of traffic management by better insight. For example, it can be placed in crossings, narrow roads, sharp curves and generally roads with limited visibility to minimise the risk from the blind spot.

Made from lightweight but shatterproof polycarbonate, this mirror has a long service life. Thanks to the umbrella on the top of the mirror, a reduction in the view from sunlight or rain is avoided.

The mirror is supplied with matching mounting material, which allows the mirror to be aligned in the desired direction.


Diameter: 60 cm
Angle of field of vision 130-160°
Material: polycarbonate mirror
Frame material: polypropylene/steel
Includes mounting materials.




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