SunSun COP-10000 Floating fountain 20000l/h 90W with 1m water column

  • €1,00000

With this floating fountain, your garden pond will become a real eye-catcher. The floating fountain is not only suitable for the pond, but also for your fountain, stream and for use in other water installations. The fountain floats on the surface, so it always stays in the ideal position, even when the water level fluctuates.

In addition, the fountain has a positive effect on the quality of the body of water and its animal inhabitants, as it aerates the water. It reaches a water column of one meter in height and has a spray diameter of three metres. By moving the water, a gas exchange takes place, which increases the oxygen content of the water and supports the filter cycle in breaking down excess nutrients. In this way you prevent algae blooms and the pond from tipping over. In addition, the ventilation contributes to the vitality of the fish. Because fish not only need the oxygen to breathe, but also for an intact immune system. A lack of oxygen quickly leads to the spread of fish diseases.

The 90 watt fountain has a flow rate of 20,000 liters per hour. The integrated filter screen catches weeds and other particles that are sucked in by the fountain pump. This prevents the fountain from clogging.

Dimensions: 275x252x420mm
Water column height: 1m
Spray diameter: 3m

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