Standing Patio Heater 2000W Infrared Terrace 3 Heating Levels

  • €100,00000

The cold season begins and the darkness comes earlier and earlier. Yet, this does not need to involve your renouncing nice hours passed in the open air. With our Toboli free-standing patio heater, you can also spend the autumn and winter outside on the terrace or in the garden without having to be cold.

When the days are cold, the electrically driven infrared patio heater substitutes the warmth of the sunlight. Clever as it is, it does not at all heat up the cold air; it rather accords its heat to the objects and persons nearby. That is why our terrace heater is particularly efficient and suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to its splashproof protection, the terrace heater can also be used on surfaces that are not roofed or covered.

The infrared heater is equipped with 3 different heating levels (650/1350/2000 W) to be chosen. Thus, the heat output can be individually adapted to the temperature outside.

This model of the elegant patio heater made of black metal is a free-standing device. The stable base allows a simple and safe placement. The heating head is tilting and swivelling; thus, you can optimally angle your mobile outdoor heater. Furthermore, the terrace heater is infinitely adjustable in height; thus, you can use it while sitting and standing.

Whether it be a party on the terrace or a cosy get-together in a beer garden, our Toboli free-standing heater allows you to pass stress-free hours outdoors.

Dimensions: Base: 49.5 cm
Heating head: 50 x 25 cm
Height: 180–210 cm

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