Spreader with 29L Capacity for Ride-on Lawnmowerm

  • €19900

This compact spreader is the ideal aid to spread fertlizers, seeds, salt, sand, chalk, grit and any other likewise material evenly. The spreader can be connected to lawn mowers which allows you to control the spreader from the drivers seat

The container for the material is made of plastic. The spreading system can easily be turned on and off from the ergonomic guide handle. The spread rate can also be adjusted via the handle. The 12 inch wheels allow for you to drive on lawn, walkways and other grounds. The high quality materials and sturdy construction come in handy in the winter or when spreading fertilizer.

The spread width depending on the speed is 365 cm on the right as well as on the left of the spreader. The funnel of the spreader has a capacity of 29 liters so you can work on bigger areas. Additionally, the spreader has a rain cover and a cover for the funnel.


Spreader with a capacity of 29L and hitch
• For fertilizer, seeds, salt. sand & more
• Spread rate adjustable via handle
• Spreading width 3048 – 3658 mm
• 12 inch wheels


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