Sandbox Boat Bench 160x78x103cm Wood Non-woven Floor Wooden Sandbox

  • €1,00000

This boat-shaped sandpit ensures eventful adventures in the home garden. With this extraordinary sandbox, little explorers go on journeys through the vastness of the ocean. This is ensured not only by the flagpole, but also by the red steering wheel. Now everyone will see who can maneuver the boat safely in stormy seas.

There is a step behind the mast and a bench so that even small captains can easily grip the wheel. From here, your children can see everything and let their imagination run wild. Once the boat-shaped sandpit is filled with sand, it is clear for digging. You can play with molds, buckets, and shovels to your heart’s content.

As a real boat, this sandbox is made of wood. The natural wood color is rounded off by blue accents and a white and red lifebuoy.

In addition to the sandbox, you will receive a black fleece floor. This is placed under the sandbox and on the one hand allows water to drain away unhindered and on the other hand prevents the sand from mixing with the ground.

WARNING NOTES: Not suitable for children under 36 months!
WARNING NOTES: Use under the direct supervision of adults.

Amount of sand and digging depth:

The appropriate amount of sand can be calculated using the following formula:
Length inner dimension (m) x width inner dimension (m) x digging depth (m) = volume in cubic meters

A sandpit should not be filled to the top edge, otherwise the sand may overflow while playing. It is recommended to only fill the sandpit up to 5 cm below the top edge.
The ideal digging depth is influenced by factors such as the age of the child and the choice of toys. A digging depth of 10 cm to 15 cm is recommended for small children. However, if toys are used to build landscapes (e.g. excavators), a digging depth of 20 cm and more is recommended.

The following information is recommended for this sandbox:

15 cm digging depth = 0.13 m³
7 bags (approx. 25 kg per bag)

20 cm digging depth = 0.17 m³
9 bags (approx. 25 kg per bag)

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