Quality 18L Fruit Press incl Pulp Bag and 7l Fruit Mill Crank Handle

  • €1,00000

The set includes a 7 L fruit grinder and a 18 L fruit press. With the fruit mill you can process fruit or even vegetables, which is too coarse for further processing in the supplied fruit press, to a mash.
A good fruit mash is essential for the production of juice, wort, or must. This Fruit mill is well-suited for grinding berries, grapes, apples, pears, potatoes, and other soft fruit/vegetables. However, harsh fruit and vegetables like sugar beets, carrots as well as immature and firm pome fruit respectively are not suitable for the processing.

Apples, pears, quince, and similar fruit are particularly ideal for further processing. The relatively firm fruit pulp is crushed by the fruit mill; by this means the mash produced increases the yield of juice and ensures the pressing of fruit respectively.
However, - and this holds also true for stone fruit - the grapes, raspberries, currants and similar fruit should not be ground. Anyway, this becomes unnecessary due to the soft nature of their flesh, just being covered by a thin skin. Due to the seeds contained in the fruit, the grinding process causes bitter substances to be released. This would turn the juice a dark brown colour.

Using this crusher for fruit and vegetables, the products to be ground obtain their perfect consistency. The solid cutting mechanism (alloy of aluminum) is easily guided by manual operation. The funnel made of stainless steel is mounted on a base frame of square-cut steel tube. The funnel has a capacity of 7 litres. The base frame is equipped with rubber feet for a safe stand.

This manually operated chopper for fruit and vegetable has the dimensions 57.5 x 48.5 x 25.5 cm. It is easy to be cleaned and provides for a rich yield of fruit.
The processing of the pressed mash takes place with the robust berry press with ideal juice yield; very high pressure due to a metal spindle construction.. Unlike some other suppliers, the press basket is manufactured from solid (red) beech wood.
The steel spindle is driven manually mechanically and disposes of a solid collecting funnel made of steel.
Depending on the mash (highly chopped fruit), a proper, quick, and easy pressing process can be guaranteed.
Each type of fruit requires its own kind of preparation, though.

It is advised to break the grapes before use. This can be done either by a fruit mill or by hand. Pome fruit must be seeded before. However, the amount of juice yield is depending on the water content of the respective fruit and not on the operator’s capacity. Given an appropriate fruit preparation, you will find it convenient to press by only one hand.

All presses of this type do not allow to grind the fruits on the whole. You have to produce a mash (highly chopped fruit), otherwise a successful process is not possible. A wine/cider press must not be compared with a juicer. Both products operate in a completely different way. As for the grapes for example, they must not be processed in a juicer because their seeds would be destroyed and bitter substances released. It is the fruit press that assures that the seeds remain uncrushed, thus providing that juice can be processed into wine.

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