Polytunnel Greenhouse Polythene 300 x 400 x 200 cm 12 sqm

  • €34900
  • Save €10000

  • Set up quickly – for immediate rain and wind protection for your plants!
  • Transparent windows provide lots of light - ideal for the growth of (Mediterranean) plants!
  • does not require a foundation – (vegetable) plants can be grown flexibly directly in the ground


Floor space 12 m²
Width 3.00 m
length 4.00 m
Ridge height 2.00 m
Page height 1.00 m
Entrance 1 WxH 0.80 x 1.70 m
Entrance 2 WxH 1.10 x 1.70 m
Number of boxes: 2
Total weight: 34.7kg

Thanks to fully galvanized steel pipes, the frame is optimally protected against corrosion and rust.The construction is Galvanized inside and outshock and scratch resistant good load capacity thanks to stable round design

Steel pipes approx.: Ø 25 mm


The PE tarpaulin is tear-resistant, durable and easy to handle - perfect for short-term, mobile use!
This is what makes our PE tarpaulin special:
easy to assemble and store to save space
Feel similar to a fabric tarpaulin
100% recyclable
Tear strength: approx. 500 N or 50 kg* 25 according to DIN EN ISO 13934-1
approx. 180 g/m² heavy




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