Platform Transport Trolley 100x60cm & 600kg Carrying Capacity w/ Brake

  • €23900
  • Save €6000

This transport trolley is ideal for carrying heavy loads on its 100 x 60 cm laoding bed. The trolley is perfect even for bigger loads since the max. weight capacity is 600 kg. With that capacity it is well suited for working in warehouses, archives, post offices, authorities and managements. This transport cart can handle heavy loads anywhere.

The trolley has a sturdy loading bed and and a stable back wall made of veneered multilayer wood. Due to the thickness of 15 mm the cart is very durable. Additionally, the transport trolley has rubber wheels so it can move loads effortlessly. The parking brake ensures that the cart cant roll away when it is fully loaded.



Max Load Capacity 600 kg
Dimensions Loading bed: 100 x 60 cm
Loading bed and back wall thickness: 15 mm
Wheels: bearing size 50 x 28 mm, inner diameter 20 mm
Weight in kg 30
Usage / Information / Features The transport trolley is equipped with rubber wheels and a parking brake
For use in warehouse, post office, archive & more

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