Petrol Hedge Trimmer Garden Tool Brushcutter 25.4cc 750 Watt

  • €19900

Precise and powerful – this hedge trimmer enables you to cut and shape your hedges and brushes without much effort.

Due to the powerful two-stroke engine with an output of 0.75 kW and a displacement of 25.4cm³ the hedge trimmer reaches a rotational speed of up to 8,000 revolutions per minute, which allows it to cut even thicker branches while working on denser hedges and shrubs. The adjustable handle can be rotated by up to 180°, enabling the tool to be operated in a horizontal as well as a vertical direction.

This hedge trimmer with its cutting length of 650 mm is a balanced tool, whose weight is distributed optimally in order to make the handling as comfortable as possible. The device can be started quickly and easily due to the reliable recoil starter, which does not require any kind of start-up period and is further equipped with a sturdy blade guard that effectively protects your hand from injury.


Cutting length: 650 mm
Tooth pitch: 28mm

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