Parcel Box for Wall Fastening Anthracite Letterbox Home Parcel Pick-up

  • €10,00000

Wouldn’t you love to have a parcel pick-up facility that allows contactless drop of parcels and other correspondence? Voila, here comes our very practical assistant, an anthracite-coloured parcel box. For this box has a special drop system taking in normally sized letters as well as parcels without the addressee’s needing to be at home.

For this purpose, the upper drop-in flap is opened and the parcel put inside. When the flap is closed again, the parcel falls into the lower part of the box, where it is protected from unauthorised grasps. To withdraw the parcel, the lock of the lower part of the box is unlocked. Then, the large lower flap can be opened and the parcel or letter taken out easily.

The parcel box is made of galvanised steel and designed for wall fastening. That is why it has corresponding holes on the rear side. It has an outer size of 47 x 22 x 87 cm (LxWxH) and has space for numerous correspondences. With its elegant, modern design, the parcel box blends well with virtually every living style and fits marvellously into its surroundings. Instead of the addressee’s needing to fetch his parcels within determined opening hours in a post centre or at a pick-up desk, he will have his own little parcel drop in front of his own front-door. Of course, the box can also be used for standard letters and your everyday mail.

Dimensions: 47 x 22 x 87 cm

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