Oil extractor pneumatic oil extractor 22.7 liters for oil changes

  • €10,00000

With this pneumatic oil suction device, which works with vacuum, the transmission or engine oil can be easily and thoroughly removed from vehicles without an oil drain.
Thanks to the vacuum principle, the oil to be extracted is reliably fed into the large tank of the device and the closed-loop principle reduces the risk to the environment from escaping liquids to a minimum. The built-in safety valve prevents overpressure from building up in the closed system during suction. The air pressure for the suction can be easily adjusted using the regulator and the collection container has a level indicator so that the tank can be emptied in good time.

Dimensions: Suction probe 1: 2 pieces PVC Ø 6 x 4 x 720 mm
Suction probe 2: 1 piece PVC Ø 6 x 4 x 900 mm
Suction probe 3: 2 pieces PVC Ø 8 x 6 x 720 mm

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