Multiple Letterbox 2x4 Slots Galvanised Steel Mailbox Anthracite

  • €10,00000

This letterbox system captivates with its timelessly elegant design and perfectly fits most façades, no matter if modern or old. The high-quality letterbox system is made of galvanised steel and is especially durable due to an anthracite-coloured powder coating.

Consisting of a total of 8 cases, each offering a small area of 70 x 20 mm specifically designated for name tags, the letterbox system is ideal for multi-family residences. Each of the compartments is further equipped with 2 keys, offering an additional spare key in case a key should be lost.

Being aligned in two rows with 4 compartments each and mounted to a sturdy frame, whose two pillars possess a height of 1500 mm and a diameter of Ø 49 mm, the letterboxes take up a minimum of space. Without its frame, the box system occupies an area of 770 x 270 x 468 mm. The letterboxes thereby each have a height of 100 mm, offering enough space for multiple postal items. The 325 x 30 mm large mail slot enables a comfortable delivery of letters and newspapers without damaging the items upon insertion.

The scope of delivery further includes the ground screws necessary to securely install the letterbox system.

Dimensions: Individual letterbox dimensions: 360 x 270 x 100 mm
Mail slot dimensions: 325 x 30 mm
Letterbox cluster dimensions: 486 x 770 x 270 mm
Support fixture dimensions: 1500 x Ø 49 mm / 85 mm

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