Petrol 1.76 HP Multi-Tool 5-in-1 including Hedge Trimmer, Brushcutter, String Trimmer and Pole Saw

  • €27900

Whether it is trimming hedges, cutting grass, or clipping branches: this versatile gardening tool turns garden maintenance into an easy task. The practical multi-function device offers string trimmer, brushcutter, hedge trimmer, and pole saw attachments and thereby covers all the basic tools needed by gardeners and garden owners to keep the garden in good condition.

This multi-function device not only reduces the space necessary for storing your gardening tools, it also saves time, as the different attachments can be exchanged quickly and without much effort. In combination with the 300 mm long connecting bar included in the set, the 400 mm long blade of the hedge trimmer and the pole saw with a 300-mm cutting length make gardening more comfortable, allowing to reach elevated spots without a ladder that would otherwise be difficult to access or entirely inaccessible.

Equipped with a powerful 1.3-kW two-stroke engine with a 52-cm³ displacement and a 1.2-litre tank, this multi-function garden tool achieves a performance of 6500 rpm, which enables this flexible tool to execute effective and precise cuts. The device is easy to handle due to its ergonomically shaped grip and the reliable CDI ignition.

Technical data

Brush cutter (incl. 3 tooth metal blade, especially hardened): 255 x 1.4 x 25.4 mm
Trimmer cutting width: 460 mm

Pole saw/chainsaw:
length: 400 mm
cutting length: 300 mm
⅜″ / 0.050 mm / 39DL

Hedge trimmer cutting length: 400 mm
Working height: 2200 mm
Extension pole: 300 mm
Saw blade: 40 teeth



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