Manual honey extraction 4 frames Zander DNM

  • €100,00000

This 4 honeycomb-tangential honey extractor is ideal for hobbyist beekeepers.

Tangential extractors are the most universal honey extractors: during the spinning process, the hive frames are tangentially positioned to the vessel thus making the honey divert without any problems.

This manual honey extractor has a solid construction and is sturdy on its 3 feet. All parts getting into contact with honey are made of stainless steel and are approved for food.

The apparatus consists of an outer drum, an inner basket for the spinning along with comb frame holders and a tap for the drainage.

The spinning basket allows room for 4 frames. There can be set not only frames for Zander dimension but also frames for DIN standards.

A traverse is connecting the hand crank with the spin basket. Due to the smooth-running hand crank drive the inner basket is set in motion. Because of a centrifugal force, the honey is being injected from the combs on the wall of the basket and thereafter is running to the ground. With the help of the drain tap, the honey can now be collected in a suitable vessel.

The cover of the device is made of transparent plastic and has 2 removable parts. An inspection of the spinning process is possible at any time.

Of course all parts of this honey extractor can be easily cleaned.


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