Kill-Switch toggle switch emergency stop switch 35A/12V Knock-Out red ON-OFF

  • €1,00000

The kill switch cover flips up and the switch is unlocked. Now press the previously hidden toggle switch. If you want to switch off the device, you only have to press the cap and the switch is switched off and is secured again.

The cover flap of the kill switch can now also be sealed, so you can show every police officer that you really don't turn on your NOS system on the street, for example, but only on the race track - a plus for every driver who has ever had contact with the police had!

- for the power amplifier
- for under car kits
- for NOS systems
- for pace car lights
- for footwell lighting
- for fog lights - simply cooler
- and for many other applications. . .
- as a start button (see our other products)

The supply line (plus) of each component to be separated is simply interrupted and the kill switch is inserted into the plus line. This completes the electrical assembly, assembly is no problem even for a complete beginner. Nothing (!) has to be soldered. The assembly can also be done via cable eyelets, as the switches are equipped with high-quality cable retaining screws and are therefore absolutely easy to assemble.

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