Hozelock Ecopower PLUS 20000 pond filter up to 20000l & 16W UVC clarifier

  • €1,00000

High performance filter system that combines mechanical and biological filtration and an integrated UVC. The Ecopower Plus 20000 is an easy to clean and maintain eco-filter with an integrated UVC unit. The Hozelock Cyprio Ecopower+ garden pond filter removes unwanted solids from the pond and converts dissolved organic and chemical fish waste into harmless compounds.

The Ecopower+ filter is an external filter that can be used above ground, in the ground or hidden at the top of a waterfall. The Ecopower+ 20000 is suitable for ponds with a size of up to 20000 l without fish and 10000 l with fish (fish size up to 435 cm). Debris from the pond is filtered through the fine mesh foam for an excellent initial cleaning before reaching the biomedia at the bottom. This unique Kaldnes biomedia has a very large binding surface and ensures a continuous formation of bacteria in the water. They are necessary to break down the harmful dirt particles and convert them into useful, healthy substances for the pond.

The integrated UVC lamp has a 16 watt lamp to combat "green water" caused by green algae. The result is excellent cleaning performance for a clear and healthy pond.

Dimensions: 405 x 291 x 508mm

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