Heavy Duty Corner Shelf Modular Storage Rack Garage

  • €18900

Practical corner shelf for more order and storage space in the garage, basement or garden shed. Due to the right-angled construction, the shelf perfectly fits into every corner, creating maximum storage space in a space-saving manner.

The sturdy MDF insert plates ensure high load capacity of the individual compartments, so that even heavy objects can be stored without problem. As stable and solid the shelf is, as simple the structure of the fully galvanized metal construction is: The intuitive plug-in system makes the assembly extremely easy and the use of additional tools unnecessary.


Height 160 cm
Surface corner element 70 x 70 cm / depth 77 cm
Dimensions side elements 80 x 40 cm
Weight in kg 35.5
Material Galvanized metal + MDF
Usage / Information / Features Capacity per floor 175 kg
Load capacity shelf element 700 kg


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