Green Insect and Bug Hotel 285x95x400mm, House for Hibernating

  • €2399

This beautiful insect and bug hotel offers insects such as wild bees, ladybirds and butterflies spacious and sheltered accommodation. The hotel serves as a nesting and quiet place and in the colder seasons to hibernate in.

Placing insect hotels offers advantages for humans, animals and nature, because a correctly placed insect hotel attracts useful and natural pest controllers into your garden, flowers and blossoms also benefit from busy pollination. The hotel is also a real eye-catcher in the garden due to its pretty green design.

The insect and bug hotel can be set up all year round. It is advisable to locate the hotel to the south in order to ensure as much sunlight as possible and to protect the hotel from rain and wind. Also the danger of cooling down too much in winter is avoided by a southern placement.
In addition, the hotel should be placed in a raised position (approx. 50 cm above the ground) and ideally in the immediate proximity of flowering plants. Once installed, the position of the hotel should not be changed.

The hotel is made of robust fir wood and measures 285 x 95 x 400 mm. It has various fillings made of natural materials such as bamboo, pine cones and wood. Thus, as many insect species as possible can be attracted. In addition, the hotel is equipped with a roof, which protects the nesting box from rain and thus less moisture can penetrate into the wood.

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