Garden Tool Shed made of Wood, 77x53x179cm, Wing Door & Saddle Roof

  • €10,00000

This garden cabinet made of wood helps you organise your garden. Having enough storage space for different gardening tools and equipment, as well as children’s toys, it keeps your garden clean and tidy and protects everything inside from weathering.

The garden cabinet with its slim design and neutral pale and dark grey shades fits perfectly into most gardens. Measuring 77 x 53 x 179 cm the cabinet does not need a lot of space and keeps everything in one place, so searching for certain objects becomes unnecessary. Everything stored inside it is protected from weathering (e.g. bleaching in the sun, humidity, etc.).

As it is so compact, installing it on a patio as well as a balcony is also possible. Its wing door can be locked if required.

Dimensions: 77 x 53 x 179 cm

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