Garden shredder Wood Chipper Branches Cutter 2500 watts

  • €21900

This electric garden shredder is a big help in every large garden to cut fallen branches and twigs. The 50 l container collects the shredded garden waste easily and efficiently.

The 2500-watt device also features the blade speed of 4050 rpm and can shred up to 40 mm thick branches and shrubs easily and quickly. The bult-in auto-switch ensures automatic switching off in case of overvoltage, thus preventing engine damages.

The quality cutting blade is easily accessible by opening the casing for cleaning and maintenance purposes. In combination with its weight of only 14 kg, the robust movable structure gives the shredder high mobility and allows it to be set up where it is needed.

Please always wear appropriate clothing and ear protection to prevent serious injury.

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