garden shed, galvanised metal, 3.35 m³, incl. sliding door

  • €35900

This high quality shed is ideal for anyone who wants to keep all their garden tools and equipment safe and dry in one place. Thanks to its generous area, the spacious garden house offers you more than enough space for your lawnmower, grill, garden furniture, tools and all other garden utensils.

Store your garden tools safely and relax.

The 2-part sliding door ensures easy access to the tool shed. Thanks to the 77 cm wide opening, you can also get bulky items easily through the door. The ventilation grilles ensure good air circulation and prevent moisture and mildew.


Item dimensions L x W x H 196 x 122 x 180 centimetres


Usable inner base LxD: 185 x 108 cm overall size with roof L x D x H: 196 x 122 x 180 cm eaves height: Ridge height: 177 cm. 180 cm door dimensions (W x H): 77 x 155 cm roof dimensions: LxD: 196 x 122 cm space area: approx. 2m2 Room volume: approx. 3.4m3


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