Garden kneeling chair upholstered foldable with bag up to 150kg

  • €4900
  • Save €1000

A lot of work to do in your garden/Home  but tired of having to kneel or to squat? This posture in combination with the hard surface is neither healthy for our knees nor for our back. This upholstered kneeling chair is used so that you can do all gardening work while protecting your back and knees.

This practical little assistant makes it possible to master all work in a relaxed position. This is ensured by the soft foam padding that you can comfortably sit on. You can also work with the chair while kneeling. All you have to do is turn the chair around. For the chair frame is upholstered on both sides, you can use the upturned chair as a comfortable kneeling base.

The multifunctional kneeling chair is your companion for bed care, re-potting painting tiling building and pulling weeds or when scraping out the terrace interstices. The kneeling chair is also a welcome relief when cleaning your bike or car and also for all other tasks that you do while kneeling or crouching. The chair has a large bag with several compartments so that you have the various garden tools (not included) at hand.

In order to always be able to use the chair exactly where it is needed, it can be folded up to save space. In this way it can be easily carried or stowed. Please note: Decoration is not included in the scope of delivery.



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