Garden Growing Tunnel 300x65x45 cm Low Tunnel with Polyethylene Foil

  • €9500

The harvest is an event that everyone growing home-made herbs or vegetables is looking forward to; not only are they delicious and healthy, they can also be easily grown with the help of this practical low tunnel.

With a size of 300 x 65 x 45 cm and equipped with 6 hoops made of steel, this low tunnel is especially sturdy and durable. The 130 g/m² UV-resistant foil made of polyethylene thereby offers reliable protection from rain, wind, hail and cold in general while at the same time creating an ideal environment for cultivation by ensuring an even exposal to sunlight. Two generously sized openings at both ends of the tunnel allow for an easy access as well as ventilation and can be closed without much effort.

The practical connector system is connected to the ground and held in place by clamps, which grant additional stability to the structure. When not in use the low tunnel can easily be removed from the ground, folded and stored in a space-saving manner. The durable polyethylene foil is easy to clean and turns the low tunnel into a lasting, low-maintenance item.

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