Garden Composter, Thermo Composter, Fast Composter 1600L

  • €21900

  • Sustainable – with the quick composter you can produce your own humus-rich soil in the garden. It makes gardening easier and you save money on the organic bin and fertilisers.
  • Effective – the special construction and the dark colour ensures a higher temperature than conventional composters. The heat and ventilation slots promote faster bacterial decomposition and ensure better results.
  • Easy to assemble – the quick composter can be assembled without any additional tools thanks to its plug-in system. The matching mounting material can be found inside the lid. Thanks to the 3 open dividers, a capacity of 1600 litres is given.
  • Practical – as the composter is filled from above, you can remove already finished compost through the floor-level removal flap, even if the rest has not yet completely rot.
  • Environmentally friendly – the 261 x 72 x 83 cm composter has space in addition to your garden waste and green cuttings, fruit and vegetable leftovers, coffee and tea grounds or egg shells. So you also reduce your household waste.


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