Fruit press Wine press steel 6 l stainless steel basket

  • €1,00000

This small fruit press allows the easy pressing of fruits, vegetables or herbs. The solid presswith a capacity of 6 l is operated by hand and quickly at use. The press has a 2-arm rotary handle by the means of which the pressing procedure turns out to be particularly easy. The square base plate made of steel, coloured in orange, provides for a stable hold.

This type of construction does not allow to press large fruits as a whole. So, a mash (highly crushed fruit) has to be produced, otherwise a successful yield of pressing is not possible.

A wine or fruit press can not be compared with a juicer. Both products work in a completely different way. The grapes for example can not be processed with a juicer because the fruit stones are destroyed, thus releasing bitter substances. It is only the fruit press that makes the stones remain undisturbed. The juice can even be processed to wine.

This small fruit press is the perfect tool for those who like to enjoy their fruits or vegetables even in combination with herbs. The press allows the experimentation with a variety of ingredients which leads to a wide range of juice creations. May you enjoy these healthy combinations of fruit juices! Maybe also as a jam or jelly ...

This handy fruit press/berry press is made of steel and can be quickly assembled. The dimensions of this construction are 30 cm x 25 cm x 45,5. The double fruit basket is made of stainless steel and has the following dimensions:

Outer basket: Ø 22 cm, height 16 cm, volume 6 l
Inner basket: Ø 20 cm, height 17 cm, volume 5,3 l. Due to the practical spout, the juice can be drained in a convenient way.

The material ensures a resistance regarding oxidation and corrosion.

The parts of this press just like the frame, basis, press plate, spindle and so on are dismantled and hygienically cleaned.

Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 45,5 cm

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