Foldable Handcart with Canopy for Trips with Children, Shopping, etc.

  • €10,00000

This foldable handcart allows you to transport all necessities for a trip with family and friends. All items can be placed in the handcart and thus need not be carried along.

With its special wheels made of plastic, it does not matter whether the handcart is used in paved cities or on more off-road terrain. It can be taken to most places easily and can be taken on the next family trip outdoors. Even children can be placed in the handcart and taken along as a canopy can be mounted to the cart, providing for plenty of shade.

Apart from trips outdoors, the handcart can be used for transporting tools, used when gardening or for heavy drink crates and other heavy food shopping that needs to be transported home.

The ergonomically shaped handle ensures a secure and tight grip even on longer routes. On the front of the handcart there are two compartments made of nets, which are handy to place smaller items, such as mobile phones, purses and wallets and food supplies, etc. On the back of the handcart there is another bigger compartment, which can be closed via a zip.

The sophisticated design allows the handcart to be folded effortless. Due to its handy sizing when being folded, storing it at home or in the boot of the car is no problem.

Dimensions: Size incl. handle: 118 x 53 x 115 cm Loading space: 89 x 52 x 52 cm Size folded: 53 x 18.5 x 77 cm Wheels: 18 x 10 cm / 7" x 4

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