Firewood Trolley XL 100 kg 53x36x106cm with Rubber Wheels

  • €12900

The perforated metal construction makes the carriage stable and durable. You can store and transport up to 100 kg of wood on the carriage, which is even easier due to the smooth running rubber wheels.

The design of the wood carriage fits every interior style so it wouldn't be noticeable in a bad way. Thanks to the closed bottom plate the floor is protected from dirt and dust so you can easily store it inside the house without worrying about dirtiness. Additionally, the carriage has another plate with allows you to have a seperated wood storage.

 Firewood not included.


Max Load Capacity                       100 kg
Dimensions Total size                   53 x 36 x 106 cm
Handle diameter:                          22 mm
Wheel diameter: approx.              20 cm
Weight in kg                                 15.5
Material                                        Perforated sheet
Material thickness                       (in mm) 2


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