Poly Greenhouse PE Hoop Tunnel 300x200x200cm

  • €14900
  • Save €11000

For hobby gardeners this functional poly greenhouse is an essential to have. Assembling it is easy thanks to the push-fit system. In comparison to a greenhouse made of glass this alternative is cheaper and the risk of breaking the glass panels does not exist.

The sturdy loop greenhouse is 300 x 200 x 200 cm big. As the sizing is so spacious it offers enough room for cultivating herbs, fruits and vegetables and enabling an access into the greenhouse for the gardener as well to work in a protected environment. But also gardening equipment and tools can be placed in the tunnel.

The construction is especially sturdy and consists of 19 x 0.6 mm steel frames. Every single steel frame is powder-coated and painted and are assembled easily with the provided manual.

A strong 120 g/ m² polyethylene foil surrounds the steel frames. The polyethylene grid foil is sturdy, filters UV rays and protects from too intense solar radiation, whilst keeping rain and wind away from the plants. It is possible to open the greenhouse with two zips located on the side which allow the foil to be rolled up. There are six windows protected by fly nets ensuring a good air circulation.

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