Electric Hedge Trimmer 520W 450mm Cutting Length Quick-stop Brake

  • €6900
  • Save €6000

This electric hedge trimmer will intrigue you thanks to its ease of use. For its little weight, hedge trimming is possible without overstressing your back and arms. At the same time, its compactness improves your mobility while using the hedge trimmer. The combined advantages of little weight and compact size makes this hedge trimmer the ideal tool for cutting even hedges difficult to access.

The powerful 520 W motor has the necessary power to trim hedges and small branches. The well-balanced machine has an ergonomic front handle and thus permits both horizontal and vertical trimming. There will practically be no limits – concerning hedge trimmer, this is. To make it even better, the maximum cutting length is 450 mm and the cutting force 16 mm.

The device has a VDE approved plug and a 0.35 cable and is immediately ready. Two protection switches secure cutting even more. For the hedge trimmer runs only with both of these switches being pressed. This is how accidental switching on is prevented. If, while using the trimmer, your finger should glide off one of the two switches, the quick-stop brake will immediately switch off the device. Additional safety is provided by the transparent hand protection repelling accidental contact with the blades.

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