Drum composter 160 l rotatable

  • €10,00000

You want to process your garden and kitchen waste in a modern yet environmentally friendly way?

No problem with the help of this drum composter! Food residues or biodegradable waste of the garden just like branches, foliage and so on are turned into natural fertilizer, thus making any artificial fertilizer superfluous.

Composting is a natural procedure that can be controlled with the help of a composter. Organic waste of the kitchen is collected in a composting container and decomposed to a large extent by means of oxygen and microorganisms, thus creating a nutritious substance. Nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium or lime provide the healthy basis for the growth of plants and any other plants in the garden.

This rotating composterconsists of a large, round closed container made of a recyled plastic. There are individual black panels provided with small openings for ventilation that are mounted according to the supplied construction manual.

The plastic container has a capacity of 160 liters and is set on a black coated tube frame. This keeps the drum composter floating so that it can be rotated without any effort. The rotation supports a constant mixture of the compost that is sufficiently supplied with oxygen. A regular rotation shortens the rotting time. Once being filled, the drum is preferably rotated 5-10 times or 2-3 times respectively per day.

The dual chamber system is particularly advantageous; as soon as the first chamber is filled, its contents is left to rest while in the second chamber there is even more substance accumulated. Said chambers are locked by a sliding door. There is the possibility of a batch-withdrawal.

The closed drum is not accessible for rodents or vermin. There is no odor.

The dimension of the device is 72,5 cm x 66 cm x 93,5cm. The ideal operational height is user-friendly as well as back-protecting!

Tip: For a good nutrient-rich compost, the composter is preferably filled with a balanced mixture of moist greens (2 parts) and dry brown substances (1 part) that means kitchen waste/ greens and foliage/ straw in a ratio of 2:1.
Moreover, the garden compost device should be placed in a location flooded with sunlight for an intensive process of rotting.

Dimensions: 72,5x 66 x 93,5 cm


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