Children’s Outdoor Play Kitchen made of Wood with Sink

  • €10,00000

This children’s outdoor kitchen will inspire your child to play and learn outside in nature. Not only is the kitchen versatile as it can be used outdoors to play with but also children are inspired to combine their surrounding and integrate it into playtime. As the kitchen is outside, children can be creative when using water, earth, sand, leafs, flowers and conkers, etc. and whilst of the house stays clean.

The outdoor kitchen is equipped with a big sink, in which children learn to experiment with various materials. Above the sink is a water tap. This is there for aesthetic reasons to make the kitchen look more realistic. For utensils such as buckets, pans or moulds there is plenty of storage space beneath the sink as there are two shelves above each other. On the left hand side of the sink there is a blue work surface, where dishes can be placed to dry after being washed as well as special items found in the garden or used for anything else it is required for.

The size of the installed kitchen measures 59.5 x 38 x 52.5 cm, fitting into every garden. Regardless, whether on the lawn, a patio or balcony, it will fit anywhere. By combining this kitchen with a sandpit, e.g. children can combine all items together and be even more creative.

As children explore their environment with all senses, the wood is painted with a certified glaze. This glaze is harmless to the children and protects the wood from weathering. The outdoor kitchen is suitable for children above 3 years.

Dimensions: 59.5 x 38 x 52.2 cm

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