Brake piston reset brake piston reset tool set 21 pieces

  • €3600

This 21-piece brake piston return set in a practical case allows you to safely push back the brake piston while turning it in the brake caliper without damaging the brake piston's dust boot. This is particularly important when replacing worn brake pads, disc brakes with floating calipers or an integrated handbrake. Pressure spindles (left/right turning), counter-retaining plates, ratchet adapters and adapters compatible with many vehicle types are included in this set.
Please note the direction of reverse rotation of the brake piston specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Our set includes a pressure spindle with a right-hand thread and a left-hand thread. A ratchet wrench can also be used with the help of the adapter marked (5).

Adapter description

Retaining plates (#O and #I)

2 x ½″ single pin washer Part #O compatible with Opel

2 x ¹⁄₆₄″ single pin washer Part #2 compatible with Citroën/XM, Xantia (F/R)

2 x ⁵⁄₃₂″ Part #3 compatible with
Audi / Fiat / Alfa Romeo /
Ford Fiesta / Honda / Jaguar XJ6, XJ40 / BMW 318is,
320i, 325TD, 518i, 525i, 1x, 740i, 850ci, M5 / Mercedes Benz
190, 200, 300, 420 , 560 / Mitsubishi Colt / Nissan Mera, Stanza,
Sunny / Range Rover / Toyota Camry / Volvo / VW Passat,
Golf, GTI

1x ¼″ two-pin washer part #4 compatible with
Ford, Telstar, Laser (R), Mazda (R) , Saab 9000 (R), Fiat/Alfa Romeo 1642 (R),
Honda Prelude, CRS. 16I, GM Saturn, Grand Prix, Lumina (R)

1 x ²¹⁄₃₂″ two-pin washer (part #6) compatible with Nissan Primera / VW Golf IV

1 x ²¹⁄₃₂″ two-pin washer (part #7) compatible with
Audi 80, 90, V8, 100, Coupe E /
Range Rover 800 / Subaru L, Z / Ford Sierra, Granada, Scorpio /
Nissan Bluebird, Silvia, Primera / Peugeot 405, 1.9Gi, GRO, Sri,
GtXi, MI, 2.0 Sri / Toyota Celica, Corolla, GT, MR2 / VW Golf, Gti,
Jetta, Synchro, Jetta Gti, Passat CL, GL, GT, Corrado, Scirocco

1 x ⅞″ single pin washer (part #8) compatible with Opel / General Motors

2 x ⅛″ single pin washer (part #9) Compatible with Opel / General Motors / Cadillac Seville & El Dorado

1 x ³⁄₁₆″ Two Pin Disc (Part #A) Compatible with Renault R21, Laguna

1 x ²¹⁄₃₂″ four-pin washer (part #E) compatible with Cefiro / Maxima

1 x ¼″ two-pin washer (part #F) compatible with Opel

2 x ⅛″ two-pin washer (part #K) compatible with Citroën C5

K1 x 1 Compatible with Citroën

1 x ¼″ two-pin washer (part #M) Compatible with Ford

M2 compatible with Citroën

1x¼″ (hex socket head screw 12 mm) (part #N) Compatible with Saab / Honda / VW

⅜″ adapter (part #5)

Dimensions: 330x260x55mm

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