Awning Sun Sail Rectangle 4x6m UV Protection 30+ Patio Balcony

  • €13900

As soon as the weather is sunny, you would love to spend the entire day outside, wouldn’t you? However, whether working in the garden or enjoying a free day on the balcony, you require an appropriate awning. This awning creates a shady spot for passing comfortable summer’s days outdoors.

A sun sail is an elegant alternative to parasols and the like, not needing any stand that would cram your patio; due to its size, it shades a larger surface than would do a normal parasol. Furthermore, the sail resists better to wind than does a sunblind and for its installation, you do not depend on a house wall.

That is why the sun roof can also be used for ponds, pools, sandboxes, or on the camping site. It can even serve as carport.

This shapely awning has a size of 4 x 6 m, and the concave cut of its sides allow an optimal tension, making for the stability of the sail. Note: The surface shaded is smaller than the dimensions given. Thus, the very surface of the sail should be a bit larger than the surface to be shaded. A rectangular sun sail is particularly suitable for covering smaller surfaces. We invite you to find sun sails of other shapes and sizes in our online shop.

The sun proof is made of robust PE. The mesh is permeable to water and air; thus, warm air can escape upwards, and rain water can flow off. The sun sail is also suitable as screen against too curious gazes.

The UV protection (UV 30+) protects you against direct solar irradiation and extends the life time of the sail. The edge as well as the corners are reinforced with multiple seams and strap, which makes the sun sail windproof and tearproof. Moreover, each corner is equipped with a D-ring made of rust-resistant stainless steel and reinforced with strap.

The ropes included in the scope of delivery allow you to quickly and easily fix the sun sail to trees, gutters, or banisters of balconies.

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