Ash Vacuum Cleaner 20L, HEPA Filter, 800W, Fireplace, Grill, BBQ etc.

  • €8900

This ash vacuum cleaner is the perfect tool remove cold ash and pellets from your home fireplace, wood burning stove or charcoal pieces from you grill or barbecue. The ash remover is much more efficient than common fireplace brushed, because it does not only save time but also prevents the ash from spreading even further. The powerful 800 watts vacuum cleanes off any remains from the wood burning stove quickly and thoroughly.

The barbecue vacuum cleaner has a suction capacity of up to 15 kPa and a container volume of 20 litres. The operation is fully automatic and no additional hoover is needed. When the ash container is full, it can be opened, emptied and reattached, using the quick-release fasteners.

The ash vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filter that removes dust particles from the incoming ash-air blend. The cleaning device does not only have a suction function but also a blowing function to even remove ash from spots that are hard to reach. Afterwards you can simply absorb them by switching back to the vacuum function.Thanks to its compact, lightweight design and practical carrying handle, the vacuum cleaner can be easily tansported to wherever you need it.

The ash vacuum cleaner is only meant for use with cold ashes, cold pieces of coal and cold pellets. Never use with glowing ashes, especially not the blow function.

Dimensions: Total: 395 x 390 x 390 mm Container: Ø 295 x 305 mm (outer dimensions) Ø 285 x 305 mm (inner dimensions) Hepa filter: Ø 160 x 90 mm Length suction pipe: 230 mm Length suction hose: 1 m

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