Articulated Arm Awning 2.5x2m Anthracite/White UV Protection

  • €100,00000

Is there no sunblind installed above your terrace or balcony? The hot days do return, so why not upgrade your outdoor area with this articulated arm awning? This anthracite-white awning is equipped with a polyester canvas weighing 280 g/m² and coated with PU. Thus, the awning, measuring 2.5 x 2 metres, is waterproof, UV resistant, and provides protection with a maximum sun protection factor of 30+.

The robust construction is made of an aluminium frame designed for wall-fixation. Thus, there is shadow without the floor being blocked up with parasols and their stands. Via the practical hand crank, by extending the stable articulated arms made of steel, the sunblind is opened. Now, the awning not only protects you against sun and rain, but also keeps wind away. Whenever the awning is not used, it can be retracted to a roll. For the awning to meet your individual needs, it can be adjusted to an inclination angle of 70° to 80°; thus, shadow is cast there where it is required.

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