AOYUE Int866 3in1 Rework Station lead-free soldering hot air soldering station

  • €10,00000

The Aoyue Int866 3-in-1 SMD Hot Air Rework Soldering Station is an all-round solution for your workshop with a powerful 60W lead-free soldering iron, hot air and a 400W preheater. The anti-static design prevents

damage the circuit boards or the electronic components, e.g. B. by static electricity. Of course, this station also has a cool-down function, so that cold air continuously cools down the heating element after use, which increases the service life of the heating element. With temperature control, soldering or desoldering can be done very carefully and safely.

The station has a practical shelf for the hot air handle and the soldering iron, making it very easy and simple to work with. The amount of air and the temperature can be set within a wide range. The station's nozzles can be changed very easily, so that each component can be soldered with an optimal nozzle, air and temperature setting.

The preheater of the Aoyue Int 866 works with a quick-heating quartz IR (infrared) heating element that is easily adjustable and infinitely variable. The gentle, even heating prevents distortion, overheating and damage to the circuit boards. A large digital display allows a good control of the selected settings, temperatures and programs through a variety of display options.

With a total heat output of up to 400 W and an infinitely adjustable temperature range from 100 °C to 480 °C, this system offers everything you need to be able to carry out extensive work and repairs on a large number of circuit boards, boards and circuit boards. Exact temperature measurements can be carried out anywhere on the component at any time using the external temperature sensor.

Dimensions: 192*325*100mm

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