AOYUE Int852 Hot Air Station Digital SMD Rework with Hot Air

  • €10,00000

This is an Aoyue 852 hot air SMD rework station. The 852 model is particularly clear and there are no operating problems. The temperature is shown on a digital display and can be adjusted using the setting wheels. The air flow is displayed very precisely via an air riser tube with a metal ball. The housing has a practical carrying handle and is painted black. Of course, you also get four different nozzles and a component lifter (IC popper, with replacement gripper) with the station. In addition, the station has the cool down function, which means that cold air continuously cools the heating element after use, which increases the service life of the heating element. The station is very well suited for repairing BGAs, plastic connectors,QFP, SOP, PLCC and SOJ components.

The station comes with a transport lock (a red Phillips screw that secures the pump during transport), this must be removed BEFORE switching it on for the first time! And then the system is completely ready for use. So you only need about 5 minutes and then you have a complete hot air station. You regulate the temperature and the air flow using the two handwheels "AIR" and "Set Temp".

The station has a practical shelf for the hot air handle, making it very easy and simple to work with.

Dimensions: 187x137x240mm

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