AOYUE FEK-01 soldering fume extraction with LED lighting extraction arms

  • €10,00000

World's first smoke extraction system that uses the maximum effectiveness of activated carbon beads.
All soldering processes inevitably produce harmful vapors and gases or aerosols due to the use of fluxes. A soldering fume extraction is therefore also prescribed according to §53 of the workplace ordinance in order to prevent diseases of the respiratory tract. This and the fact that flux deposits on printed circuit boards can lead to problems mean that the use of solder fume extraction systems is becoming increasingly necessary, also from a quality perspective.
The system has electronic control with variable airflow adjustment.

The solder fume extraction system also has the following features:

• Strong suction power with quiet operation.
• Works with carbon filter beads that trap odor and toxins.
• Filters out 97% of particles larger than 0.3 μm.
• Sub-filters extend the service life of pre- and main filters.
• Freely adjustable exhaust ducts including exhaust duct arm kit.
• Including special nozzle with integrated LED lamp and activated carbon bottom filter.
• HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Filter) to remove dust particles. For effective filtration, it is recommended to replace the filter every six months.
• Portable and equipped with wheels for easy relocation.
• Channels can be oriented as desired and retain their shape after adjustment

Disposal information: If you use this product as intended for "soldering fume" extraction, we recommend disposal as hazardous waste.

Dimensions: Length of articulated tube 1.25 m
320 x 450 x 260 mm

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