650W Airless Paint Sprayer for Paint, Varnish, Glaze, Oil, etc

  • €37900

Forget about dripping paintbrushes and paint rollers. With the help of this paint sprayer it will be extremely easy, fast and clean to paint, varnish, glaze or oil things.
No matter if indoors or outside, whether walls or a garage door, the paint sprayer offers a variety of uses.

With its powerful 650 watts power output, its piston pump and the high-pressure spraying gun, the paint sprayer ensures clean working results without air bubbles, especially on small and medium sized surfaces.

The powerful air pressure system, sprays up to 1100 ml of fluid a minute, processing small and medium sized surfaces extremely fast. Additionally, the 7.5 meter long high-pressure hose allows you to reach hard to access and awkward angles without any difficulties.


Shipping weight: 10 kg

• 650 W power output
• 1110 ml/min
• Clean application of colours, varnishes and oil
• Ideal for small and medium sized surfaces
• Suitable for various works

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