4x10m foil greenhouse polytunnel, PE tarpaulin, green

  • €69900

Quick to set up – for immediate rain and wind protection for your plants!
Transparent windows provide lots of light - ideal for the growth of (Mediterranean) plants!
does not require a foundation – (vegetable) plants can be grown flexibly directly in the ground

Thanks to the high-quality click system of the vertical arches and side poles, the film greenhouse can be set up quickly.
Other special features:
Rafters are screwed together
no separate connectors = no annoying individual parts
Transverse bracing ensures maximum stability
Includes pipe caps to protect the tarpaulin
no welded parts

The PE tarpaulin is tear-resistant, durable and easy to handle - perfect for short-term, mobile use!

This is what makes our PE tarpaulin special:
  • easy to assemble and store to save space
  • Feel similar to a fabric tarpaulin
  • 100% recyclable
  • Tear force: approx. 500 N or 50 kg* 25 according to DIN EN ISO 13934-1
  • approx. 180 g/m² heavy

The continuous roof and side tarpaulin made from one piece holds the construction together firmly and contributes to increased stability. Thanks to the transparency, a lot of light also gets into the film greenhouse.
This is what our tarpaulin also does:
Seams welded and not sewn
quickly slipped over the domed roof
High levels of light promote plant growth


The extra long and continuous floor apron is essential in bad weather because: Not only does it allow rainwater to drain far enough away from the tent, but it also effectively protects against wind.

This is what makes it special:
  • gives soil moisture no chance to penetrate
  • reduces tarpaulin movements in windy conditions
  • lies approx. 30 cm on the floor all around
  • is attached to the floor frame with Velcro
  • including eyelets; optional: can be retrofitted with pegs


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