4-letterbox system in anthracite Standing letterbox mailbox steel

  • €10,00000

This timeless mailbox system impresses with its elegant design. Whether in front of a charismatic old building, a modern new building or a different style of living, the high-quality standing letterbox system fits into almost all living environments with its appearance. The mailbox system is made of galvanized steel. The robust system is covered with an anthracite powder coating.

The mailbox system has 4 compartments, each with its own viewing window for name tags and two keys. This means that the system can be used by several people as a mailbox. Despite the many compartments, the letterbox system hardly takes up any space due to its compact design. The 4 compartments are arranged one above the other.

The mailbox measures 385 x 270 x 470 mm. The scope of delivery includes the corresponding ground anchors, so that the mailbox can be installed directly at the destination.

Dimensions: Compartment: 360 x 270 x 100 mm
Letter slot: 325 x 30 mm
Letter box: 470 x 385 x 270 mm
Stand: 1500 x Ø 49 mm / 85 mm

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